Private Dance Instruction

Accelerate your learning more than twice as fast as in group dance classes.  Our private dance lessons are full one hour sessions.

Consider the following benefits:

· Do you have a hectic schedule?  Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience.

· You can choose the dance genres you want to learn.

· The pace and level of instruction are tailored to your individual learning style.

· Personal, undivided attention to your individual needs results in more rapid progress. 

· Your dance instructor will serve as an excellent mentor and example of proper dance style that can only be “felt” by feeling the proper form and technique of a dance.

· You are much less likely to develop bad dance habits.  In a private dance class under the watchful eye of your dance instructor, he/she will be able to quickly identify and correct any errors before they develop into dreaded bad habits and form.

· Private lessons are just that, private.  If you are shy and uncomfortable with your dance skills, private lessons are for you. 

· Private dance lessons are quite simply the fastest way for you to learn how to dance.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us 48 hours notice by phone if you need to cancel a lesson, in order to avoid paying for the lesson.

For more information contact us at (803) 278-3841 or via email at