Our Policies

Attendance Policy

  • Regular attendance is mandatory and critical to the progress and development of each student. 
  • Students must arrive ON TIME so they have time to stretch, in order to alleviate possible injury. Students arriving late to class disrupt the instruction process and may be asked to wait to enter the studio until the instructor or choreographers gives them permission. 
  • All absences should be reported in advance, if possible, by contacting the front desk. They will notify the instructor. 
  • Students who miss two consecutive classes, excused or unexcused, without contacting the office will receive a phone call. They may be subject to being dropped from the class/performance., especially during the months of January through May recital. Those students are still responsible for the tuition up to the date of drop/withdrawal. (Please note that there is a necessary $300 withdrawal fee for dancers from January through May when recital choreography is being set for the May show.) 
  • Missed classes are non-refundable. Tuition is paid by the month and NOT by the class. 
  • Missed classes may be made up at the student’s level with prior arrangements made with Ms. Raelynn or Ms. Amber. 
  • If a class is cancelled by Tip Toes and Taps, you will be contacted by phone, text, social media and/or e-mail. The studio makes every effort to make classes up as soon as possible. 
  • Students who are injured should observe classes or rehearsals and give written permission from his/her physician in order to resume classes. (Please bring in written permission so that we may make a copy for our files.) 
  • Students who are not contagiously ill are encouraged to attend, so they can watch the class if not participating. Students who are ill should be resting at home and are not permitted to attend or observe class or rehearsal. 
  • Please schedule all doctor/dental appointments, vacations, etc. so they will not interfere with classes, rehearsals, photo week, etc.

We appreciate you making the effort to be at classes and rehearsals as much as humanly possible.

Parents must submit a letter or email of notice of withdrawal to Ms. Raelynn if you decide to leave the studio. You will be charged contracted tuition fees until proper notification is received. Any class changes; i.e., adds, drops or moves, must be made through the office staff by December.

Withdrawal Policy


In order to withdraw from dance class, the office must be notified IN WRITING two weeks prior to your child’s last class. If you DO NOT submit this notice you will be charged for every additional class in which your child’s name is on our roster. If you choose to withdraw your child from classes between Jan 1st and the May recital, you will be charged an early withdrawal fee of $300. We ask you not to withdraw your students during these months, because it affects the teachers and other students with choreography for the recital.


In order to withdraw from tumbling class, the office must be notified IN WRITING two weeks prior to your child’s last class. If you DO NOT submit this notice you will be charged for every additional class in which your child’s name is on our roster.

Medical Leave Policy

If your child is injured or has a medical issue, please bring an excuse from the doctor/hospital and we will put your child on medical leave. (We are happy to make a copy for our records.) During this time, you will not be charged tuition. When the child is able to return to class, please bring a medical release from the doctor. The student should observe their classes during medical leave if they are able to do so. Failure to observe will result in the student’s account being charged for the classes.

Conduct Policy

Any concerns throughout the year must be addressed by appointment to Ms. Raelynn or Ms. Amber. Any ‘rumors’ or damaging comments made by students or family members about other parents, students, instructors, or the TT&T performances in general may result in the student’s immediate removal from the applicable function or performance (without refund). This would also include disrespectful behavior and actions that may be detrimental to TT&T, in and out of the studio. TT&T reserves the rights to remove any student from class for failure to observe these rules of conduct without recourse. Parents AND students who do not adhere to our conduct policies will be expelled. Instructors reserve the right to meet with parents and students to discuss proper studio behavior.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times toward TT&T staff & volunteers, and each other.
  • Students and their families must show respect for the property of others and for the facilities. This includes all facilities , where we have classes, competitions or performances. All students and parents are expected to help keep the studio and the outdoor area clean by putting trash in the proper waste cans and putting all other items where they belong. 
  • TT&T has a zero tolerance for theft, harassment, bullying, or vandalism to property – whether personal or otherwise will not be tolerated.
  • TT&T is an alcohol, tobacco, and drug free environment. Use of such substances will not be tolerated at our studio. 
  • No student is allowed to dictate placement at the barre, order of class exercises, choice of music, or attire under any circumstances.
  • Every TT&T student is to be welcoming and friendly to new students, guest artists and anyone visiting our studio or other facilities where our studio is represented. 
  • Cell phones may not be brought into the studio. Cell phones must be left with Ms. Raelynn at the front desk and should be set on silent or vibrate. No one may leave class to check a cell phone.
  • Students must follow dress code for all classes and rehearsals. STUDENTS MAY BE ASKED TO SIT OUT OF CLASS IF NOT IN DRESS CODE. We require a dress code to maintain a professional environment, to promote a feeling of equality, to prevent younger children from losing focus, and to allow instructors to properly see their students’ body line to make accurate corrections. 
  • TT&T is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables to class or TT&T events. 
  • Students should not wear heavy perfumes or other strong body fragrances to class or rehearsal, as this can trigger those with fragrance allergies. DO wear deodorant. All students must practice good hygiene. 
  • If glasses are worn, please have them secure. 
  • Please DO NOT wear your dance shoes outdoors. Please change at the studio as street grime ruins the Marley flooring in the studio and ruins the shoes.
  • Please do not leave your children unattended in our facility, unless you have made arrangements with Ms. Raelynn or Ms. Amber. Students must be picked up promptly when their class is over. Late pick-ups may be assessed a $15 fee for every 15 minutes.
  • Please refrain from the use of bad language while in our studio. There are many young children in our facility.
  • No food, drinks (other than water), or gum allowed in the dance studio.
  • All students must supply their own tape, scissors, band aids, etc. The studio has an emergency first-aid kit; however, we cannot supply these contents for use on a daily basis to students.
  • Limited amount of jewelry should be worn for safety, NO dangly jewelry. No jewelry should be worn for partnering, performances, or tumbling classes.
  • Proper dance/tumbling instruction generally includes physical contact between instructor and student for purposes of addressing proper alignment, body position, etc. Parents or students with concerns regarding this matter should discuss those concerns with Ms. Amber prior to the start of classes. Any concerns over inappropriate physical contact should be immediately reported to Ms. Raelynn or Ms. Amber.

Consequence of not abiding by the procedures, regulations & policies listed above:

  • 1st offense – verbal warning and a studio chore will be given (cleaning windows/mirrors etc.)
  • 2nd offense – written warning and parents/guardian will be spoken to
  • 3rd offense – expelled from class for two weeks (parents/guardian still charged)
  • 4th offense – meeting with Ms. Amber and Ms. Raelynn to discuss final consequences

Thank you for reading and adhering to our policies. Please know that as well as excellent instruction, the safety of our students is extremely important to us.

For more information contact us at (803) 278-3841 or via email at info@tiptoesandtaps.net