General Info


Observers are encouraged to watch class through our viewing windows. Observers are NOT allowed to enter the classroom at any time, unless using the restroom. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO COMMUNICATE THROUGH THE WINDOW WITH YOUR STUDENT. This disrupts the entire class and will result in asking you to leave this room.


You will have to walk through the studio to get to the restroom. Please do so around the edges of the room, and not directly through the class. Also please do not talk to the students or disrupt the class if you need to use the restroom.

Playroom/Lobby Area

We have a variety of toys and activities for you kids to do while their siblings are in class. Please be sure that all toys, food, drinks, etc. are properly put away, before you leave! If your child plays and does not clean up, he/she will be banned from playing the following week. If this happens multiple times, they will be banned indefinitely. Thank you for helping us keep this area safe and clean for all children to play.

You Are Responsible

Any damage to studio property or furnishings will be billed to the responsible parties involved. Any parents or students that do not agree with this policy will be dismissed from the studio effective immediately.

Substitutes & Make-up Classes

In the event that your instructor is ill or has to miss class, we will do our best provide a substitute for their class. If we are unable to find a suitable substitute, we will cancel class and schedule a make-up class for you. In the event that we have to cancel classes due to inclement weather, a power outage, or some other event out of our control, a make-up class will also be rescheduled. In the event of inclement weather, please stay aware of our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), calls, texts, and/or emails for closing notices. We will make every effort to contact you before the scheduled class.

Newsletters & Important Dates

Check back regularly (here and on our social media sites) for monthly newsletters and important information/dates.

Holidays & School Breaks

Although we follow a similar holiday schedule to Aiken County schools, we DO NOT FOLLOW IT FOR ALL HOLIDAYS/BREAKS. Make sure to mark down our holidays and breaks which are available under dates to remember tab.

Competitive Dance

Each summer, we offer an audition for dancers interested in joining our competition teams. For dancers under the age of eight, teachers will recommend them if they feel they are ready to pursue competitive status. Please see the front desk or your instructor if you are interested in our competition program and they will answer any questions you may have.


Photos are taken all week during regular class times. There is no charge to be in our group photos, so we ask that all participate. These group photos will be put in our recital program. Purchasing individual shots is completely optional. Payment is due at the time the photos are taken. No one is permitted to take pictures on your own device using the background or props!

Award’s Week

Info coming soon…

Summer Class Registration

Join our eight-week summer session from June 10, 2019 – mid August to stay in good physical shape, try something new or brush up on technique.

Pre-Registration For Fall Classes

In order to register, your annual registration fee, per dancer (up to 2 per family) must be paid, to reserve your dancers spot in fall classes. Please contact us to complete your registration paperwork. Fall classes will start on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.


Our competition dance teams will have some fundraisers periodically throughout the year to help them cover all expenses of competition.

Check back for more information!

T-Shirts & Apparel

We are working on our 2019-2020 t-shirt design and other items, which will be available soon! Watch the monthly newsletters and check back often for details!

Studio Logo Swag

Check out our available studio swag in the lobby. We currently have Tip Toes and Taps logo window clings available! More coming soon…


More info coming coon…

Recital Gifts

We will have recital gifts available for purchase during April & May! There will be a variety of choices. Please be sure to get yours while supplies last! Check back for more info.

For more information contact us at (803) 278-3841 or via email at